Artūrs (Artur) Hoļavins

Birthdate: 21-04-1989


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CAPHRI HES Postdoctoral researcher in the project "Public Participation by Other Means? Informal Practices to Engage with Matters of Collective Concern in (Non)democratic Settings" (subproject: "Channeling Participation")

Dr. Artūrs Hoļavins (Artur Holavin) holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki, Finland (2020) His doctoral thesis "Non-Governmental Elderly Care in Russia: Objectification or Participation?", discussed empowerment paradox and elderly care objectification due to the third sector's expertisation. He majored in social work and sociology. Dr. Hoļavins research interests include participation, third sector, expert knowledge, and ethics of care.

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Apart from academic endeavours, Dr. Artūrs Hoļavins enjoys doing policy analysis, play improvisation theatre, and football.


- Ph.D. in Social Sciences, October 2020. University of Helsinki, Finland

- M.Sc. in Political Science, June 2013. Uppsala University, Sweden

- B.Sc. in Political Science, July 2011. University of Latvia, Latvia



- Participation;

- Expert knowledge;

- Third Sector;

- Elderly care.



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