Alena Kamenshchikova

Room: B2.069


Personal statement:

In 2017 I started my PhD at the Department of Health, Ethics & Society at Maastricht University, studying the co-construction of biomedical narratives in antimicrobial resistance and travelling. In addition, my other research interests are in the philosophy of biomedicine and public heath, science and technology studies, the production of biomedical knowledge, as well as cross-disciplinary collaboration. 


  • MA Philosophy (cum laude), University of Tartu, Estonia (2017)

  • BA Sociology, National Research Tomsk State University, Russia (2014)

Antimicrobial resistance, One Health, co-production, immunitary politics, health

My research focuses on the co-construction of narratives around antimicrobial resistance and travelling on the arena of international One Health politics. I mainly focus on the way antimicrobial resistance and the travelling narratives related to it give meanings to the social responsibility of travelers, as well as how they (in)form ideas of risk groups and propose immunitary actions that have to be taken towards these groups. 



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