Anna (A.G.M.) Wolters


Personal statement:


Nicotine vaccination and its relationship with the norms and values of individuals and of society are at the core of Anna Wolters' part time PhD research (September 2009 - September 2017). The research more specifically analyses the prospective therapeutic use of a vaccine against smoking. Data for the ethical empirics are gathered via qualitative techniques such as in-depth interviews and focus group discussions.




Publications by Anna Wolters, Guido de Wert, Onno C. P. van Schayck, and Klasien Horstman




1. Constructing a trial as a personal lifestyle change project: Participants' experiences in a clinical study for nicotine vaccination. Social Science & Medicine, 104, 116-123.


 2. Vaccination against smoking: an annotated agenda for debate. A review of scientific journals, 2001–13. Addiction, 109, 1268-1273




3. Lifestyle vaccines and public health: exploring policy options for a vaccine to stop smoking. Public Health Ethics, 9(2), 183-197.


Submitted to BioSocieties, under review:


Invisible work, actors, and knowledge:  an analysis of a clinical trial for a vaccine to stop smoking



qualitative research; health, ethics, and society; science, technology, and society (STS)


Health, Ethics and Society (PhD Student)