Gili (G.) Yaron



Personal statement:

After having attained my MA in Philosophy (cum laude) and having taught at the University of Groningen, I am currently pursuing my PhD at the department of Health, Ethics and Society, CAPHRI School of Primary Care, Maastricht University.

In my research, I explore how people with facial disfigurement who wear a silicone facial prosthesis experience and make sense of their altered bodies and lives. My work is informed by the stories of people who live with a different face, as well as by theories on disability, embodiment and the use of health care technologies. 

In addition to PhD project, I also work as a senior lecturer/researcher at the Faculty of Arts of Zuyd University of Applied Science. Here, I work together with students to interrogate the meaning of atypical embodiment, disability, the face and prosthetics from an arts and design perspective.

Areas of expertise: Facial difference & visible difference ('disfigurement'), Facial prosthesis, disability, Phenomenology, Science and Technology Studies, Embodiment.


Health, Ethics and Society (PhD Student)
Working days:
Monday - Thursday
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