Mare (M.E.) Knibbe


Personal statement:

Current position: Assistant Professor (philosophy and sociology of public health)


Since October 2012 I do research on philosophy and sociology of public health, at the department of Inequality, Participation, Globalisation (IPG), at the school for public health and primary care (Caphri). My focus is on participation and social inequalities in health. I study the practices and meanings of health, mental health and resilience in challenging socio-economic circumstances in neighborhoods and city.   This research is developed in close collaboration with citizen groups in LSES neighborhoods in Maastricht using ethnographic and other participatory methods.



‘The inclusive city. A geography of responsibilities for participation and care in the city’ (Commissioned by the municipality Maastricht)


‘Experiences of safety and well-being’


‘Crossing boundaries connecting cultures. Learning from a participative social media approach to improve mental health’ (financed by ZonMW)


‘Experience of safety in Mariaberg’ (involved as supervisor; commissioned by the municipality Maastricht)


‘Citizen-power & Routes to help; care and participation in Caberg & Malpertuis’ (Commissioned  by the municipality Maastricht)


Within the department of Health Ethics and Society, I contribute to courses about academic reflection; philosophy and ethics of health and public health. Currently I am co-coordinator of the new philosophy curriculum that we are developing for Health Sciences called ‘philosophy in action’.

 Past research

 2009 – 2011                                                     University Medical Centre Groningen

Post doc Ethics Research


Project title ‘Good Patienthood’ (Financed by ZonMW)

This research maps pictures of ‘good patient practices’ that are inscribed in the policy of stakeholders in Dutch healthcare. The research offers an analysis of the normative expectations towards patients that can be found in policy documents of different parties in the field: e.g., patient consumer organizations, organizations of professionals in healthcare, insurance companies and government.

End date: December 2011


2004 – 2009                                                      University Medical Centre Groningen

PhD project: ‘Living Related Donation, a Qualitative Ethical Study’.

In this project I mapped the diverse moral perspectives of parents and professionals during the introduction of a program for living parental liver donation at the University medical center in Groningen. A combination of qualitative empirical and philosophical methods was used.


Promotion date: May 6, 2009


(Co-)promotores: Prof.dr. Marian Verkerk; Prof.dr. Maarten Slooff; Dr. Els Maeckelberghe



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