Olga (O.Z.) Zvonareva

Phone: +31433881716, +31433881144
Room: B.096, Peter Debyeplein 1, 6229 HA Maastricht


Personal statement:

In 2012, after working as an associate researcher in the Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics, University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, I joined the Department of Health, Ethics and Society, Maastricht University.  My research interests are in Sociology of biomedicine and public health, Biomedical knowledge production, Science and technology studies, Innovation studies, and Bioethics. In my research I explore processes and dynamics of innovation in biomedicine with a particular focus on health and democracy. I obtained PhD degree at Maastricht University in 2016.  My doctoral thesis investigated mutual construction of pharmaceutical technoscience and politics, using the case of the recent efforts to boost local drug research, development, and production in Russia.

Main projects:

- I am a part of international collaborative project that explores Opisthorchiasis transmission dynamics in Western Siberia. Bringing together insights from biomedicine, social sciences and ecology, the project aims to inform the development of participatory and locally tailored control programme for this neglected parasitic disease.

- From 2015 I co-lead three work packages in an international project ‘Bridging Innovations, Health and Societies: Educational capacity building in the Eastern European Neighbouring Areas/BIHSENA’, funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme. These work packages focus on training teaching staff in active and student-centred education methodologies, developing online courses, and coordinating the project. More information about BIHSENA can be found on the project website: https://bihsena.mumc.maastrichtuniversity.nl

- For my PhD project titled “Pharmapolitics in Russia: Making drugs and (re)building the nation” I used extensive qualitative fieldwork and analysis, informed by science and technology studies and innovation studies, to examine series of efforts to boost local pharmaceutical innovation in the country. This research demonstrates how construction of pharmaceutical innovations interacts with political projects, enabling and, at times, constraining articulations of particular visions of the nation and its future, while these visions, in turn, frame governance of pharmaceutical science and technology in Russia. (2014-2016)

- I am a core team member of international conference series on social sciences and health innovations, jointly organised by Maastricht University and National Research Tomsk State University (Russia) with support from Siberian State Medical University (Russia). The first conference took place in 2014 (report here); the second 2015 conference had a theme of “Doing things together” and explored collaborations in innovations for health (report here); the third conference is taking place in 2017 and focuses on “Making health public”, looking for the publics in public health (call here)

- After completing my MSc in Global Health, I received Kootstra Talent Fellowship that funded my research project "Producing biomedical knowledge globally: Clinical trials in South Africa and Russia". In this research I used multi-sited fieldwork in both countries to explicate what it takes to make trials work in new locations (2012-2013)

  • PhD Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Dissertation title Pharmapolitics in Russia: Making drugs and (re)building the nation (2016)

  • MSc Global Health, Maastricht University, the Netherlands (2012)

  • Specialist (5 year university degree) cum laude Psychology, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russian Federation (2010)     


Health, Ethics and Society (Assistant professor)
Work for third parties:
Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies Centre, National Research Tomsk State University, Russia (researcher, 2014 - present), Central Research and Development Laboratory, Siberian State Medical University, Russia (researcher, 2016 - present), Institute for Advances Studies on Science, Technology and Society, Austria (visiting scholar 2017)