Peter Lutz



Personal statement:


I hold degrees in socio-cultural anthropology (BA, MA, PhD). My research has focused on intersections between (among others) health, aging, care, technology, design, media and society. I am also interested in ethnographic approaches for policy and applied research. I have research experience in industrial, government and academic settings.

Current Research (Post-Doc)

Integrity in Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations (3IRC). This study attends to scientific research involving several disciplines working together. The goal is to understand how the different ethical standards and guidelines used in different research disciplines work in collaborations, and how they influence academic practice. This information will be used to produce a set of conclusions about what constitutes good research, identify relevant variations, and help produce appropriate disciplinary codes and guidelines for academic integrity.

Project led by David Townend and Bart Penders (PI). Funding from The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw)


PhD, Anthropology


Health, Ethics and Society (Postdoc)