Rob Houtepen

Birthdate: 15-10-1957


Personal statement:

Rob Houtepen (1957) has studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), graduating in 1983 with a thesis on personal identity and life stories. In 1987 he started in Maastricht as a junior researcher at the then department of health care ethics and philosophy. This resulted in a PhD-thesis on the status of older people in our society, assessed in the light of  liberalism, communitarianism and gerontology (1993).

Since 1992 he has been appointed as an assistant professor at the department that is now HES. Originally his teaching centred on medical philosophy and philosophy of science in the School of Health Sciences, but since 2002 on medical ethics and medical humanities in the Maastricht Medical School. There he has initiated and directed the program in clinical ethics and law, based on case discussions from daily practice. He has broadened the scope to medical professionalism, based on a concept of discussion based professionalism.

He is also a member of the review committee on euthanasia for the south of the Netherlands. He has written ethical analysis of movies for the Dutch journal on health care ethics (TGE) and for the former journal of mental health care MGV. He is an active board member of the society behind the leading Dutch website on patient stories (

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