The Landscape and Isobars of European Values in Relation to Science and New Technology

HES: David Townend, Rein Vos, and Laurens Landeweerd
Funder: EC FP7

The goal of this project is to provide the blueprints for a value-based and value-informed new and flexible governance of the science-society relation in Europe.

The study shall identify necessary research tasks in order to move from a generic understanding of value-based and value-informed governance to more specific mechanisms of governance that improve current practice.

Emerging biotechnologies with dual use problematic and security technologies (biometrics) shall serve as pilots to test the validity of the framework.

The key research challenges are:

  • understanding the very concept of social/ethical values in both socio-political and philosophical respect
  • improving the methodology for the study of values
  • identifying innovative mechanisms of platforms for value-based dialogue in civil society and citizen consultation
  • and assessing the potential of legal and regulatory instruments, including soft-law, to provide value-oriented framework orientation for scientific and technological development.