HES: Ineke Klinge, Anja Krumeich, Carina Furnée and Maria Cristina Quevedo (and Petra Verdonk, Public Health Genomics)
Website: http://engender.eurohealth.ie/
Funder: EC FP7

ENGENDER-project 2008 1306 – Inventory of good practices in Europe for promoting gender equity in health.

The ENGENDER project aims to positively contribute to improving gender equity in health. The main objective of ENGENDER is the creation of an online inventory database (“the database”) of good practices regarding policies and programs leading to a more equal distribution of health and longevity for both women and men. The project is designed to encourage and support the exchange of information and good practices on gender equitable strategies through the creation of a sustainable network that will comprise of a multi-sectorial membership.

It is designed to contribute to the positive development of policies and programs for gender equity in health at EU and national levels, through the provision of policy briefings aimed at guiding policy makers in the design and implementation of health policy.  The ENGENDER project is receiving part funding from the European Union, within the framework of the Health Programme, from November 2009 – October 2011.